Your Skischool in Kaprun!
Jonas Kryhl
Hauserdorfstraße 4
5710 Kaprun
+43 (0)660 4730666



I am the smallest one in the family. Some people would call me the ski school dog, but I would not agree.

You know, I am the daughter of the house and the one in charge! At least in my eyes. This is how it goes. If I sit in front of the door it means: take me outside - I need fresh air... And they do - every time! If they don´t, I just start barking. That always helps :-)

Now, I really like ski-touring, but most of the time I have to stay "on line". BORING! They say I run away and start eating everything otherwise. Soo not true! If I behave like a real lady my daddy sometimes carries me in his back pack. But he says I´m too heavy now. I think he is not as fit as he used to be :-)

When they leave me alone in the office I am not always happy! Most of the time I sleep, but if it gets too boring I eat; Snowboardboots, Skipoles and other stuff that are laying too close to my nose.

Actually, most of the time I am really nice and friendly and cuddly! Why don´t you visit me in the office! I like to play, you know...

Wuff, wuff!