Your Skischool in Kaprun!
Jonas Kryhl
Hauserdorfstraße 4
5710 Kaprun
+43 (0)660 4730666



I come from the Czech Republic where skiing is a very popular activity. When I started skiing together with parents and my brother I was around 3 years old and ever since we have gone skiing either in the Czech Republic or in the Alps.

To be able to do this more often I decided to become a ski instructor. I did my first ski instructor exam while I was still studying at university. I spent a few winters teaching skiing and gathering experience in the beautiful mountains in Harrachov, Czech Republic.

The last year at university I got an offer to work in Zell am See, Austria, and took the chance. After finishing my master degree in 2007 I made the decision to not follow this line of work but to spend more of my time in the mountains as a ski instructor.

After meeting Jonas in Zell am See I ended up settling down in this area as well. It was so much fun to work together that we decided to open up this ski school.

I think that you are a very lucky person if you can spend all day doing what you really love. Being able to share this passion with others makes it even more special!

I am a very lucky person!