Your Skischool in Kaprun!
Jonas Kryhl
Hauserdorfstraße 4
5710 Kaprun
+43 (0)660 4730666


The ultimate challenge when it comes to skiing is to master moguls.


If you ever stood on top of a mogul field, not being confident enough to go down - this is the right clinic for you. Learn how to make the right movement and the tactics how to read the bumbs. This way your mogul-run will be a pleasant part of a normal skiing day, and you save a lot of energy that you could use during Apré Ski!

  • The maximum we allow are 6 People per Session.

Tip: Participate in a different Clinic every day!

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Do you have what it takes?


Freeride, Safety, New School, Moguls Price per Person
1 session á 2,5 hours
3 sessions á 2,5 hours