Your Skischool in Kaprun!
Jonas Kryhl
Hauserdorfstraße 4
5710 Kaprun
+43 (0)660 4730666


If you seek that little extra on your holiday this special is for you. A little bit more skiing, not so much time doing exercises.


Our experienced instructors will of course find the right mix between skiing and teaching - correcting you and making suggestions how to perfect your technique. You will experience fascinating slopes and new views after every turn you make. The different mountain huts and the scenery they offer at lunch will make your heart beat faster. All this in different skiresort 5 hours every day – GUARANTEED!

  • The Safari Week starts on Sundays.

The Safari can also be booked day by day to be able to join us to your favourit Skiresort. Individual starting days.

  • During the Safari we spend 5 hours skiing per Day.

Salzburg Super Ski Card required! Transport not included!

  • The maximum we allow are 8 People per Group.

Find out more in our office or drop us a line...

We‘re gonna get perfect turns! You too?


Safari Price per Person
1 Day 89,-
3 Days 239,-